British Study Finds Vaping Helps Thousands Quit Smoking

We at Vape Insurance Pros keep an eye on the news when it comes to new research, regulations, or other news that could impact vape businesses. We thought our vape clients may find the new study recently published in the British Medical Journal interesting.

Separating myth from fact has been a challenge for scientists studying the link between e-cigarettes and smoking cessation. One British study resolves at least part of the debate, finding that the increase of e-cigarette use is leading towards an increased success rate in quit attempts. In addition, the study shows that fewer people use nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) as a smoking cessation aid when e-cigarettes are available. The British researchers caution that this study was primarily observational and not under strict controls.

Researchers from the University College London published their findings in the British Medical Journal on September 13, 2016. While they estimate that up to two-thirds of the people who successfully quit smoking during the study will relapse, they also say “we estimate that e-cigarettes may have contributed about 18,000 additional long-term ex-smokers in 2015.”

The impact on public health could be tremendous. “A 40-year-old smoker who quits permanently can expect to gain nine life years compared with a continuing smoker,” the researchers say. Public health officials in England say that the liberal regulatory policies towards e-cigarettes have led to a drop in smoking rates of 1% from 2014 to 2015.

Additional studies conducted by the Cochrane group have found that there are no serious side effects of using e-cigarettes for up to two years. The most common non-serious side effects were throat and mouth irritation.

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Read the University College London study in the British Medical Journal here.

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