Frequently Asked Questions


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Yes, in most cases it is still a good idea to have your own insurance. Even if you are not the manufacturer of a vape product, the chances of you being included in any possible lawsuit are high. The manufacturer’s policy may include exclusions that you are not aware of that involve you, and the policy limits may not be enough for you. A VIP policy offers you the protection your business needs.

VIP policies are annual, so your policy will provide you coverage for 12 months from the effective date you select.


No. While we will underwrite policies for businesses that sell traditional tobacco products, those products will not have coverage. Our policies are specifically for e-liquids and e-juices, e-cigarettes, PVs, vape product distributors, vape product manufacturers, etc. Cigarettes and other tobacco products are specifically excluded with this policy.

Yes, flavorings are included in the policy. In addition, VIP policies include “No Health Hazard” coverage. Many other insurance companies say their policies include “No Health Hazard,” but when you look closer, there policies likely exclude many – or all – of your operations. At VIP, we ensure that you have the best coverage available. you the protection your business needs.


No, your policy does not automatically renew.

Premiums are based on sales volume, claims history, and other underwriting factors concerning your product, which can vary your premium from year to year.

Yes, you will receive a renewal notice 120 days prior to your policy’s expiration date.

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