Do You Need Liability Insurance for Your Vape Business?

Building a business is an incredible accomplishment. If you are beginning your career as your own boss by opening your own e-cigarette or vape business, it is time to purchase vape liability insurance.

That moment when you are ready to open and purchase business insurance is a celebration of what you have accomplished—a signal to the business world that you are ready to join the conversation.

So congratulations!

Now you may be wondering if your e-cigarette or vape business needs liability insurance. Here are five questions e-cigarette and vape manufacturers and sellers can ask themselves to figure out if they need to purchase business insurance.

  1. Where does your business operate? Do customers come to you? If so, it is important to have insurance in case a third-party is injured on your premises.
  2. Does the product you sell have inherent risks? If you are selling e-cigarettes or vape, the answer is yes.
  3. Do you rent a space where the property owner requires you to have liability insurance? If so, you need to make sure that your liability insurance policy fulfills their requirements and allows you to add them as an additional insured.
  4. What other coverages, besides liability insurance, does your business require? It is important to find a policy that is comprehensive
  5. What limits do you need? Not all insurance policies are alike. Be sure to know the numbers that would make sense for a business like yours.

Vape Insurance Pros offers comprehensive business insurance for e-cigarette and vape sellers and manufacturers. We make it possible for vape businesses to get the insurance they need easily and affordably while much of the insurance world is still prejudiced against insuring vape products.

So if after asking yourself these questions, you feel you do need liability insurance for your business, visit us here.

And congratulations on owning your own business!

Apply for coverage today so that you can focus on what’s important to you and your business.