FDA Regulations Aren’t All that Threaten Vape Shops and E-cigarette Businesses

New FDA regulations have many vape shops and e-cigarette manufacturers in the US concerned about their future. Fortunately, even in the light of these new developments, many Vape sellers are still optimistic about their future and determined to stay in business.

We at Vape Insurance Pros believe in the grit and the resourcefulness that will keep the vape industry thriving, but we also know that many vape business owners face other risks that don’t get as much press but could be devastating.

Many business owners don’t realize that their financial security could go up in smoke if they don’t have the right vape shop insurance or e-cigarette insurance to protect them from a new wave of litigation against these small businesses.

Many vape or e-cigarette sellers may not know that they can be held liable for defects in the products they sell, and that lawsuits against vape and e-cigarette shops  are increasing. A recent Vape Life Magazine article reported the growing wave of lawsuits against both vape manufacturers and retailers since 2014.

Insurance from Vape Insurance Pros can help protect you in case you become part of this recent trend. One of the highlights of our program, is that while our policy does have a health hazard exclusion, we give back coverage to Vape products. This feature of our policy sets us apart from other similar programs, and this will be even more essential for vape businesses in the wake of the new FDA regulations.

We also offer some of the most affordable premiums in the vaping industry, which makes our policy ideal for startups and new ventures.

We at VIP will be watching the news and posting about the FDA regulations that could affect vape shops in the future while we continue protecting vape businesses in the present.

We are the vape shop insurance solution.

Apply for coverage today so that you can focus on what’s important to you and your business.