Our Top 10 Favorite Names for E-Liquid Flavors

E-juice and e-liquid flavors are as diverse as the vaping community. With a variety of flavors from more traditional tobacco mixes to unique blends that mimic baked goods, any vaper can eventually find their perfect all day vape.

Just like the flavors themselves, their names also reflect a broad spectrum of styles. From the descriptive to the edgy, and on to the downright clever, at VAPE, we love to discovering fun e-juice flavor names.

Below is our top 10 list of favorite flavor names, in no particular order:

1. Churrios

A blend of sweet cinnamon, honey, and milk flavors, Churrios is simultaneously reminiscent of both Honey Nut Cheerios and the friend Mexican dessert, both of which are reflected in this clever name.

2. Kryptonite

When we think of kryptonite, we think of the glowing green crystals that could weaken superman. As an e-liquid flavor, Kryptonite plays off of that association with a sweet melon-candy flavor that somehow perfectly fits its name.

3. Papa Smurf

This combination of blueberries and cream has a light, sweet flavor that is as light and sweet as the Smurfs themselves. And the blueberry pays perfect homage to their characteristic skin color.

4. The Elvis

Elvis’ favorite sandwich was well-known to be a peanut butter, banana, and bacon concoction. With The Elvis flavor from Firebrand, you can vape like a King.

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5. Alien Piss

When we first came across this flavor, we had no guesses what it might actually be. But when we read the description, somehow the flavors listed made perfect sense. Alien Piss uses a combination of ice cold lemonade with light hints of blueberries and raspberries to create a flavor that is out of this world.

6. Cheat Day

The warm sugary donut and chocolate glaze flavors make cheat day the perfect name for this e-juice. While others have described the flavor as less doughnut-y and more peanut butter cup cereal, the fact still stands that this flavor tastes exactly like all of the things you shouldn’t be eating.

7. Cereal Killa

At VAPE, we love a good pun, especially when it so aptly describe the flavor of the juice. Cereal Killa is a little bit fruity, a little bit milky, and all delicious, just like drinking the leftover milk after eating a bowl of fruity pebbles.

8. Yellow Submarine

This insane combination of fruit flavors is as psychedelic—and as enjoyable—as the song it’s named after.

9. Ridin’ Nerdy

Packed full of sugary, sweet, tart, and even some sour flavor notes, Ridin’ Nerdy is perfectly named. Like the Nerds candy we devoured by the handful as kids, we can’t help but love such a clever (and appropriate!) name.

10. The Unicorns

We’re cheating here a little. The Unicorns is actually not one flavor, but four. However, since many of them use similar flavor profiles, and since all of them use the word “Unicorn” in their name, we’ve decided to group them together.Whether it’s Unicorn Blood (a Skittles or Hawaiian punch flavor), Unicorn Milk (strawberries & cream custard), Unicorn Vomit (rainbow sherbert), or Unicorn Poop (blueberry cupcake with white chocolate and raspberry), as a group, the Unicorns are sweet, fruity, and sugary. In essence, they taste like rainbows and magic, which is what unicorns are made of.

What are some of the best e-liquid flavor names you’ve seen come across your shelves? Or, if you were going to create your own e-liquid flavor, what would it be and why? Let us know in the comments below!

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