Why Liability Insurance Will Change the Vape and E-Cigarette Industry

The ability to access adequate product liability coverage quickly and affordably is essential to a business’s ability to grow, expand, and innovate, but because of misunderstandings and prejudices against the e-cigarette industry, it has been difficult for manufacturers and sellers to get the insurance they need. Fortunately, e-cigarette and vape liability insurance is an area that has been gradually growing in the insurance industry since the late 2000s, making the opportunities for vape and e-cigarette business owners more and more promising.

At Veracity, we specialize in product liability insurance, and we have become a leader in the industry in helping e-cigarette and vape businesses get comprehensive business insurance so that they can enjoy growth and success.

Because of the access to programs like Veracity’s Vape Insurance Program, entrepreneurs who have been waiting to open their vape shop or e-cigarette manufacturing business can finally move forward with confidence without the fear that their business could be vulnerable to liability. This access to insurance has the potential to change the industry, allowing small businesses to expand and flourish.

The future is looking brighter for the vape and e-cigarette industries thanks to insurance programs like Veracity’s.

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