Our Top 10 Favorite Names for E-Liquid Flavors

E-juice and e-liquid flavors are as diverse as the vaping community. With a variety of flavors from more traditional tobacco mixes to unique blends that mimic baked goods, any vaper can eventually find their perfect all day vape. Just like the flavors themselves, their names also reflect a broad spectrum of styles. From the descriptive […]

Do You Need Liability Insurance for Your Vape Business?

Building a business is an incredible accomplishment. If you are beginning your career as your own boss by opening your own e-cigarette or vape business, it is time to purchase vape liability insurance. That moment when you are ready to open and purchase business insurance is a celebration of what you have accomplished—a signal to […]

Why Liability Insurance Will Change the Vape and E-Cigarette Industry

The ability to access adequate product liability coverage quickly and affordably is essential to a business’s ability to grow, expand, and innovate, but because of misunderstandings and prejudices against the e-cigarette industry, it has been difficult for manufacturers and sellers to get the insurance they need. Fortunately, e-cigarette and vape liability insurance is an area […]

Vape Laws and Your Business

One of the more difficult aspects of the vape industry is that, being a relatively new industry, certain rules and laws are still being developed in most states. Consider the following headlines: “California e-cigarette bill abandoned after hostile amendment.” “NY fines liquid nicotine makers for not childproofing package.” “Alarmed at rising teen e-cigarette use, Hawaii […]

Hello and welcome!

Welcome to the Vape Insurance Pros blog. We are excited to announce the launch of Vape Insurance Pros (VIP). We provide insurance for many business owners in the vape industry, including those who manufacture e-liquids and e-juice, vape devices and accessories, retailers and vape shops, and many others. We are excited to start writing articles […]